Ursula E. Rettich


Born, raised and educated in Germany

1955   Work in Switzerland

1958   Immigrating to Canada, Cassiar B.C.

1963 Move to Burnaby B.C.

1980 Joined the Guild of fabric Art of Vancouver B.C.

1993   Move to Kaslo, B.C. Art studio “4711 Art gallery”

2008 Move to Abbotsford B.C. ” Ursula’s Fine Art studio”

Artist Statement

My paintings at this time of my life are very often abstraction of landscapes. I try to convey more the mood and my perception of color than the contour of the land.

I take my inspiration from some wonderful artists, to name a few:   “The Blaue Reiter Gruppe”, August Macke, Gabriele Munter and Wolf Kahn.

I have been painting full time since 1994. Before that I explored art through fabric. My wall hangings and fabric collages were colorful and told stories.


I volunteered and have been an active member for various arts organizations since 1979.  From 1994 – 2002 I was variously a  board member, Vice President, Curator, and Exhibition Coordinator at the Kaslo – Kootenay Langham Gallery.

I received several awards and recognitions and have collectors in Europe, USA and Canada

Art Education: 2 years Private tutoring with Slovakian artist Peter Estok.

Workshops: Erika Northcot, Bev Peabody and many others in drawing,  color theory and plain air.

2 semesters in painting at the Nelson B.C. Arts Center.

The creative process of art should always explore the new and unknown but revisit the old. In my art-making I attempt to express more than just what I see. I allow the subject to guide me  and in return let the colors speak.

Ursula E. Rettich

Contact Me

Phone: 604.756.3065

Email: urettich@gmail.com

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

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