Fire Cracker Moms

Changing the color of your walls in fashionable colors is very in – but ever thought of leaving it nice and light and hang new art as in a “conversation piece”  instead?

I have many paintings to choose from –


FIRE CRACKER MUMS       24×30″ acrylic/canvas

CALLA LILY  ZANTDESCHIA     24×30″     acrylic/canvas


NELLY MOSER CLEMATIS         acrylic/canvas  20×30″

MAGNOLIA    acrylic/canvas   18×38″

THE KNOCKOUT ROSE    acrylic/canvas   15×30″

4 TIMES       OIL/BOARD    9×19,5″     metal frame

BUDDING   oil/board   9×19,5     metal frame


EARLY POPPY   oil/board     25×9″   metal frame  sold

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