Colored Clouds

Do you see clouds in white or dark only?  I don’t, I imagine all kinds of colors in wind and weather or sun and friendly skies, just like a child sees castles in the sky – why not see colors in the sky.

A friendly color, wet color, stormy color, dreamy soft, wild or anything else color.

Here I painted a few just for the joy of it, some even did get named not necessarily Oskar or Ami but names never the less and some are right out scary.

painted on arches 140 lb paper with Liquitex oil paint

   cloud # 2     

Symphony  12×15″   

cloud   huracan gordon    


 cloud # 4      

   Rain – Man    12×15  


cloud # 5    12×15″

cloud #6        At Dusk  12×15  

cloud#7    Greeting cloud   12×15″    


cloud# 10     By the moon   9×12″                                                       

   Cloud # 11   Over the water  9×12″

cloud # 12       9×12″  





  Please email me  if you are interested,                            shipping is free 


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