The secret of color

Here I could quote many of my favorite artists; every one of them has a different opinion all have value for the particular artist “fitting at the time it was said”. Opinion and understanding the value of colors for the arts – changes with time, it weaves through history as a guiding thread. (My humble observation) I am reading at the moment “Walter Hess” art historian and writer (1956), in German. It confuses the hell out of me. Just read this what Paul Gauguin supposed to have said: I translate {an avalanche of colors is useless; the colors only reach full potential when they are organised} or the whole heap of real colors is without life, frozen – a lie etc.

But then he continues – that color is mysterious and art is abstraction, so what about accidental combinations?

As you can see one should really follow once own temperament and if the color pleases –do it.

Broken Waves                                    art for sale by Ursula E. Rettich

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  1. How wonderful, Pauline, nothing grabs you more then to see masters for real, photos and desktop picture make it soo – Hollywood like – so glossy, real paintings have more to say then just the surface.
    Thanks for reading my blog.

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