Der Werdegang { development }

a moment of  liquid gold 1A moment of liquid gold  ( Searching for the rainbow on the end of the tunnel)


It is not so important what the end-result is but the way to get there. Your whole being is involved to get there, you forget the unpleasantness of life for a while and concentrate of what is in front of you, to create – to make something that has not been there before.

My humble being is in a space with no other but to convey my thoughts to the canvas, not to be hidden but it is as a conversation – to want to be listened – to be understood. It is not a spiritual happening or an inner child thing as so many painter try to explain their” Werdegang”, it is really a “Drang” – and urge to create. So many years I suppressed my German background but no denying now – some words of German just fit and suit me better to describe a “Werdegang”

Der Werdegang: to get there


My Father loved the North Sea and his garden


Town Rules or we live by rules ( The City Hall in the mountains)


Mountain ChurchMountain Churchi


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