Free challenge – winner receives one “small art”

     A Little Song     win this painting

Free 5×7’ painting for the person who gets closest to answer my question , have fun, read some of my blogs to get to know my way of expressing myself through abstract paintings

Starting Sunday January 29th to Sunday Feb.5th at 2:00,

Here is the painting for the challenge: title: “Redesigning Landscape”  


and here is the question:

What was on my mind when I painted this one? I lived in the Kootenays at that time – that is a clue.


12 Replies to “Free challenge – winner receives one “small art””

  1. “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

    new vision, new directions, change can be difficult,clearing the path and obstacles into the unknown……………..frightening……..a journey….a new beginning!!!


    Anyway that’s my version!


  2. Sunday morning and here is what I wanted to say:
    “Redesigning Landscape” It was before the “Tree-Huggers” came to live, the Logging Industry had the “most brilliant idea” to replant only mono culture, fast growing trees, for the benefit of a faster return and more money, no underbrush aloud –
    So no place and food for animals at all, the stairway or boardwalk going to the end of the rainbow ( the pot of gold) and the pink background – of course seeing it through rose colored glasses and the yellow line again the color cool success.
    My decision – Stella or Janet – but I think Stella came the closest and congratulation to Stella – please send me an email at uretticha@mail.con so I will know where to send my little 5×7”.
    Next Challenge starts March1; hope to find you participating again

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