If we only let it

We start with a beautiful poem by Clemens Rettich

Standing on the shore, looking out at the still sea

I realize that I can’t see the whole embrace.

Everything I see is surface, skin, signs

Pointing to things beneath and beyond

The surface of the wet sand, bubbles, worm trails

Tiny mollusc volcanoes of clear water

The surface of the sea, heads of seals, churn of herring

Shredded eel grass on the tide line

All teasing me, reminding me I really can’t see anything.

Anything that really matters moves underneath

Even the distance is a barrier, a running fence to an infinite point

Rusting wire strung on rotting posts into the horizon

All of my senses fail at the skin: smell, touch, sight

(only sound sometimes hints at deeper things, vibrations travel out …)

There’s nothing I can do that can get me any deeper, nothing

Except to bury myself, deeper. I can do that.

Because that is what I imagine a healthy shoreline should be.

now the thoughts I have about our environmental:

Not just a painting

Nature will heal the scars we sadly inflict on the world –

if we let it

this painting is about winning back land for food and living.

The center part are the “Salzwiesen” the stage of winning land back from the ocean, the first stage is our responsibility to keep  “das Wattenmeer”( Mad-flats) pollution free the third part is the land we can survive on.


Werdegang #2

here are some other paintings of the sea, the sea we all should preserve


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