In Anticipation


In Anticipation    38×38″

February 16th is coming up, that means 2 things – my oldest son’s birthday and the start of spring cleaning in the garden.

The connection is really very far-fetched but a psychologist mite just find a reason why I do that. It was a very cold winter when he was born – I would say 30 below and snow so high you could not look out of the living room windows and had to walk through a tunnel of snow (about 2meter high) to get to the roadside,

but it was a beginning of a new life

so later on –  in a warmer climate zone – being blessed with a natural urge to mug around in the dirt,


I started to get antsy after a wet winter and had to – at least pretend to  – start the garden – I kept Feb. 16 my last possible day or my first possible day to put my boots on and have a look – see.


So –  now even later in time again – the date February the 16th is still here, my urge of mugging about is still present but I added  another subject  to my life – painting – well  and after mid Feb. – the colors on my canvas get lighter and so does the subject  -change in anticipation of spring

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