Interspaces – Lichtung – Beruerungspunkt

Interspaces – Lichtung – Beruerungspunkt

July 18, 2011 | blog, Uncategorized | 2 Comments


An interspace between reality and thoughts,

Standing in my living room, looking out into the wet garden – a grey fogy day again

The summer on our West Coast did not materialized – yet

But our mind sees glimpses of light as if the sun is shining through the green lush foliage

This painting was done in the spring of 2005, a wet cold beginning of the year in the Kootenay region but there was hope for a sunny summer  -   now we will have hope for a sunny autumn

This photo in particular – has the connection to the forest painting from 2005

So again interspace between reality and thoughts





Acrylic under painting finished in oil on arches paper

24×18”  unframed  $200.00


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    Sheila Zeller

    July 18, 2011

    Wow, the colours in this one certainly depict the spring and summer this year! Rain, rain, and well, yah, more rain! :-|

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    July 18, 2011

    Thanks Sheila, It is so amazing, the rain – I mean – that much water on my plant makes them shoot up sky hi, the monkshood plants are at least 6” tall

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