Me – the blogger

Me – the blogger

Me – the blogger

May 1, 2012 | blog, Uncategorized | No Comments

I finally figured it out, why that blogging business took off  like lightning! –  I can talk about myself and what interests me all I want – if someone is listening or not. No one can interrupt and change the subject, so ideal in the world of self indulgent.

So I will keep on blogging – art is my interest – selling would be nice – but it did not happen much in the last 50 years –  unless of course – ——-,

Happy First of May!

When I grew up in Hitler’s Germany – we had Mayday parade, flag waiving parade - pretty kid with flowers in their hair parade – and of course military music parade – “Kampflieder” parade and all the excitement children love to do. So smart and a winning idea.

1985                                                                                                1943 sitting on the obligatory flagpole

2012  painting “Field with Tulips”   acrylic  arches paper  8×10″ +beige 2″ mat   free shipping



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