O Tannenbaum, ( Oh Christmas Tree)

O Tannenbaum, ( Oh Christmas Tree)

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……wie treu sind Deine Blaetter

Du gruenst nicht nur zur Sommerzeit – nein auch im Winter,wenn es schneit

O Tannenbaum

Tradition is good – but starting one is fulfilling

           all naturals and home -made stars


The making of a German Christmas Tree

husband and son

      beautiful – has 2 kinks in its trunk            

hardly needs any decorations —-   but I have to have the birds on that tree

and the old Eaton’s upright electric candles from ca the 1960″s    andof course the old cut glass Christmas balls


 without Lametta( tinsels) no way   tinsels

Just one more show

It is Christmas and the world should slow down for a celebration. This time belongs to the family, friends and your partner no matter what your believe is, you need to take a breather and unwind.

For nearly 55 years this is our Christmas Tree look . It all started in a small Mining town in Northern B.C.

one more look how it fits in our house

and since I am a painter I can not resist to ad a few more pictures


Winter Morning———————————–Winter Berries

Winter in my Garden

Merry Christmas to all and every one


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    December 19, 2011

    Glad we get to see your tree, too! I love your birds, and of course the blown glass ornament – close to my heart they are :-) Your vases of fresh greens with your beautiful handcrafted straw stars are perfect. LOVE that picture of Konrad & George – now that looks like Christmas! :-) xo Sheila

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    December 19, 2011

    See how good some of the electronic gadgets are, a blog does say quite a bit more than just an email with some pictures – I was a bit worried how it turned out glad you liked it

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