Painting at the market

Would you call it still Plain-Air painting when – yes  – you paint outside – but – no –  not painting the real scenery 


 I did a promotional marketing for our “Reach Museum and Gallery” in Abbotsford – painting and talking ( boy there are a lot of people still out there who not agree with The Gallery and the Arts in general.

So here is what I painted – started with blocking in some blues and ochre added a little green and to that some shapes in the background – well there we need a rocky foreground – something has to go upwards and oh – this one and the other shape made an arch – so add something underneath and oh my – it looks like the arched trees from” Cezanne’s Bathers”, had  trouble with the left side shapes working hard on that one to get it right –

 so done –plain air painting but not the view I had at that Market Place in Abbotsford.

Like it? Some critic?   I can handle it

and of course it is for sale  size is  14×18″ on canvas acrylic liquitex pant


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  1. Nicely done Ursula.

    In answer to your question I would say no it was not a plein air painting in the full sense of the term as per the following definition.

    plein·-air (plān′er′; Fr ple ner′)
    designating, of, or in the manner of certain schools of French impressionist painting of the late 19th cent., engaged mainly in representing observed effects of outdoor light and atmosphere

    You were painting outside yes but you were not observing the effects of light & atmosphere you were working from your imagination and your own personal artistic knowledge. So in my opinion I would say it’s not plein air.

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