English is my second language – I so often find a fitting title in German for my paintings.

Lately the word “ Werdegang” is flitting around in my mind, does it mean the “process to get there”, no good – sounds like “ processed meat” to get there is not really what I mean either – a mental process with a hope of an ending but also a finished state of mind,” Werdegang” – I look at the canvas – have an idea in my mind – try to turn it into an image but only a color image not a realistic one – so the first choice is made color wise and “ der Werdegang” continues.

I ask my learned readers to give me a real translation

The light house series is not coming off easy, I promised myself to do several paintings of it – but “ Der Werdegang “ is constantly interrupted by different ideas , should I now drop the idea and work on other colors? I wonder.                       Werdegang

dunes and lighthouse

finished” Lighthouse #2″


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  1. Werdegang. Leave it in it’s original language, no translation required. That’s my vote! It’s a beautiful piece and interesting background story. Yes I had to GOOGLE the word but I believe that the original language title adds colour of a different sort… As for the idea of ‘dropping’ ‘der werdegang’, I don’t think that’s even possible. Regardless of the nature of your next project, the process, the development, will continue to build on and add to the collection of experience that makes you who you are. I believe it occurs on different levels and in many directions at the same time, regardless of which one you choose to follow on any given day. They add colour and character to our own personal ‘werdegang’.

  2. Yes, I agree but does it really get the meaning Werdegang, don’t laugh but I could say I am in the process of developing, typical long-winded as the German language sometimes is.

  3. I think sometimes shifting focus is a good thing. So don’t walk away… just take a detour for a while. I bet it won’t be long before you’re right back here, but with Werdegang in full motion! 🙂

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