Sacred Places – The Singing Forest #1,#2, #3 and #4




The year was 1994; logging in the Kootenays and Selkirk mountains was a disaster, the Government was very slow in    setting up some regulation with the private woodlot owners. Meetings between the so called tree-huggers and the logging companies where dramatic. The North-end of Kootenay Lake had still large areas of old growth forest and Inland Rain forests; sparsely populated, it was destined for be clear-cut.

Rumours started and spread fast – that people insisted of hearing in special places that the forest would make a sound like singing. That was not really what the “save the trees” campaign needed to hear, it was too much like a “Hippy” statement and not taking seriously.

When I think back, for many it was their “SACRED PLACE” they really heard the forest sing.

Large section of the old growth forest was set aside for preservation and to enjoy for generations to come

last painting for Singing forest


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  1. I love the colours and swirling motion of this piece. I think they speak volumes to the depth of emotion connected with this topic…

    This is what lingers for me, though I speak about the impact I felt as a young person on the Charlottes, not the Kootenays or Selkirk Mountains…

    Oh the double-edged sword of save the forest. THAT topic is no stranger to me! Growing up a logger’s daughter on the Charlottes, the hotbed of controversy, the conflict inflicted on the innocent, the unfair sense of shame cast on logging families trying to make an honest living while the bureaucrats played their political game, the realities and the untruths, the media sensationalism, the practices of the past catching up with the present, leaving a question mark for the future… there were some very high prices to pay for both sides… And so the pendulum swings as it does with everything… and the irony – the logger in my father was always about conservation first…

  2. Hi Sheila
    Somehow I lost my answer to you, just gone
    Yes I know – this logging business – we had some loggers in the Kootenay too who only wanted to cut sensibly – but they were out of a job very often. It was just the idea that a wood lot owner had to be more responsible in what they are doing and not just buy the lot – cut it down –take the money and run – who is doing the clean-up and replanting etc. And of course the rarity of a Rain Forest in the Interior has to be protected

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