Seestuecke Sea – scapes

Here is where it all started – only some 50 km something long and between 3 to 10 km wide –  the Island of Sylt


Sand – Wind and the Sea

No wonder that I always come back to paint – the sky –  the water or the dunes.

First series was with longing and memories

Second series and maybe some more the same after that  – a lot of experimental colors – red for wet and blue for the endlessness of it.



18×24″     oil/canvas



The Beach

24×40″     acrylic/canvas




23×29 acrylic/paper/framed



Buried in wet sand


This time it shapes up to be different again – seascapes –with abstraction of other happenings

A seascape with added meanings.



 38×38″   acrylic/canvas


Drowning out

 7×18″  acrylic/canvas


Danger in the sky

11,5×11,5    acrylic/paper

Seashore of my imagination

Sometimes it felt like living at the edge of the world, the ocean in front of me and in my back the endless sand dunes, but I miss it daily.


Where hope will never die         

  acrylic/canvas   38×38″ sold




















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