“Seestuecke” (sea scapes) – continues …. dunes…. weather


Second part of  “See Stuecke”

“Weather Painting”

four as one – each 10×7″

My paintings are a confluence of abstraction and realism evolving from natural seascapes. Also based on the reality of seascapes the composition is generated in the studio and evolves into inner meaning of my live

“Color Rising with imperfection”

( as in happy memories) 17×23″

I am interested to combine the seascape as a poet with line, form, color, space and composition and to use each of these elements to evoke something that moves beyond object and materials.

“Storm at Red Cliff”

the cliff  is a well-known place on the Island but looses slowly to  natures power


there is so much still to paint ————————————-
The Island of Sylt  is surrounded by the North Sea  – beautiful – unpredictable and dangerous.  Hurricane like storms howl over  the sandy shoreline and  destroy large stretches of the white beaches –  but there is another danger – coming from the ” land side” – “die wander duenen” ( the wander dunes)  winds play with the sand – day in and day out – and so pushes the sand dunes more than a meter a year in one direction. Many small villages and houses where “sanded ” over time.

“A fragile Island – windstorm”

20×25″   acrylic/canvas

But there is always trouble in paradise, once or twice a year the Island experiences extra high tides and if this connects with a nasty spring storm —  flooding is for sure to follow and the salty sea ruins the marshes at the shoreline which were slowly building up grazing land –Salzwiesen – ( salt meadows)











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