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Shocking Bad news in today’s News Paper. Government wants to relax the logging regulations.

That means for me that I did get pushed around and kind of sneered at for nothing. We had moved from the Lower Mainland into a beautiful Village at the end of the Kootenay Lake.

In the early 1990th in the Kootenays the people fought hard to have a sustainable forest industry, meetings and negotiations did get a bit lively sometimes but it had an acceptable result. Green spaces where set aside for the future and logging could not go on uncontrolled.

Of course we need our wood industry and but what bugs me is that the regulation can just be eliminated with a stroke of a pen. No wonder many of us just cannot believe in the Government, does not matter who we vote for.

the lake


Meadow Mountain                                                                       Avalanche Lily

avalanche lily



Fry creek                                                                                         logging a long the Lake

Our home


singing forest#1                                                                                                          singing forest #2


singing forest#3                                                                                                 singing forest #4


paintings of the “Singing Forest”- North Kootenay Lake


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    Beautiful painting of the Avalanche Lily, Ursula. A fitting tribute to the way you are feeling about your surroundings in this post.

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    July 2, 2012

    Thanks Pauline – sometimes one just has to make a statement about things and a blog works for me.

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