Sunday Morning

We had our niece Sunday morning breakfast, farm fresh eggs freshly ground coffee and crisp baguettes

in the background our weekend music – chosen at random from our CD selection;

” Telemann Magnificat in C” and the second half ”

“The hamburgische Kapitänsmusik 1730 ( Oratorio)’I just love the way Telemann took the simple songs and gave them music.

Painting title: Kapitans Musik

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Sales filling the lazy summer days

Why not play the click and order game on a sunny afternoon.

Buy one get one free , same as in a supermarket meat department only my offer is not edible but a delight for the eye and will last a lifetime in comparison  to a one night meal.

I picked some of my favorite size paintings 4.5 x 6.5 ” with a 1.5″ mat

easy to frame in a ready-made 10 x 8 ” frame

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The best photos and the flat computer screen will never get the real brush stroke look’ so think of acrylic painted with a real brush on 140lb cold press watercolour paper, a much mor real look of my paintings

price for one:  in US $ 40,00 or ——- 2 for $55.00;

I only sell original paintings

shipping is free

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In ” Sunday’s Best”

selfie – birdie – thrush__i

Having fun with colours. Looking out of my studio window and watching the thrushes peeking out from under the shady hedge. when the light hits the orange under their throat , it is just so beautiful.

acrylic on canvas 24 x 24″  ready to hang

pay with PayPal easy

two paintings

The women’s club painting: I did get stuck with the finishing touches, well  – some of the colours where all wrong , now it is done , women inside , men looking in from the outside : 18 x 24 ,


Sunny day for finishing some never finished artwork,



“A sunny place”

,Canadian landscape , untouched by world garbage

14 x 18″ acrylic on canvas protected with polymer pay by PayPal – easy

Seeing Crow

Remember – science found out that crows can recognise people and will not forget ,so I watched this one sitting on a branch and staring at me,kind of scary – just wonder what he or she??? was thinking

” the smart one”( Selfie) acrylic on watercolour paper

8 x 10  + 1.5 ” mat 100.00 pay by payPal



Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and on we go; new definition to have a friend,what a friend is.

Used to be that friends were hard to come by , either it clicked or it did not work out but that was another kind of friend , a person you could trust , a person you could sit down with to talk about anything, without worrying to get backstabbing, a person who reacted to your mood and your problem.

A new world; a new generation and a new idea what a friend is.

my painting is just a reflection of my thoughts.

18 x 14″ acrylic on hand stretched canvas gessoed and glazed with Polymer

for sale ,shipping is free, pay with PayPal