Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and on we go; new definition to have a friend,what a friend is.

Used to be that friends were hard to come by , either it clicked or it did not work out but that was another kind of friend , a person you could trust , a person you could sit down with to talk about anything, without worrying to get backstabbing, a person who reacted to your mood and your problem.

A new world; a new generation and a new idea what a friend is.

my painting is just a reflection of my thoughts.

18 x 14″ acrylic on hand stretched canvas gessoed and glazed with Polymer

for sale ,shipping is free, pay with PayPal

The perfect gift

I talk about my paintings , I have “Small Art” I have “Large art” and the everything in between art.

In the range from $ 25.00 to around 2500.00

Have a look around in my store and the give me an email for further questions

Small art -” Water leaves”

oil on watercolour paper 4 x 4″

“Lord – its time”

acrylic on canvas – sides painted – the morning awakes

” 49 x 46″  1200.00


My very own

acrylic on canvas,hand build support frame, 3 x gessoed, Polymer glaze

24 x 24″   price: can 400.00 – original only,

Sea on Fire

Composition with connecting elements

Political kite flyer

In a veil of folk the world remains

Day’s end

Rising above the unknown

The garden I grew

Family garden


the power of colour

Walking along the shoreline to wrassle with some ideas.

A pull between the calm seascape and the mind of a beach walker, here it is in colour and motion.

Painted in acrylic on a 22 x 22″ wrapped around canvas,

Sometime one needs to show the metamorphics of a situation on your mind metamorphic

at play


They came flying so close, I was fearing for the bombardment of nature’s call but did get lucky, they just moved on

“Closeup and play”

Seagulls above my head , large painting size 36 x 56″

acrylic on Canvas ready to hang  $ 1000.00

The quality and the feeling of a painting on canvas is not quite captured on a flat computer screen and  I do not use glossy protective varnish only flat medium, but the colours are very close to the real painting