good morning, the fact

There is  and there will be ever so often a morning that appears to be perfect not only in sight but it feels so right.. So this morning on my way through my new garden around the house and to the blue side door to my studio – was such a morning, It felt so good –  so at ease with the world, so soft and so peaceful. It was a morning when booting up the computer was the last thing on my mind – how to put this gorgeous hour onto my canvas that finally won over the internet; lately promoting my art and reading the internet took priority, – not good at all –

So here is my feeling of a perfect morning in colour

Canadian art – EH A precious morning

this is a painting of feelings not the reality

Liquitex acrylic on hand stretched canvas 100% cotton

18 x 24″  art for sale inquire at


two paintings

The women’s club painting: I did get stuck with the finishing touches, well  – some of the colours where all wrong , now it is done , women inside , men looking in from the outside : 18 x 24 ,


Sunny day for finishing some never finished artwork,



“A sunny place”

,Canadian landscape , untouched by world garbage

14 x 18″ acrylic on canvas protected with polymer pay by PayPal – easy

Seeing Crow

Remember – science found out that crows can recognise people and will not forget ,so I watched this one sitting on a branch and staring at me,kind of scary – just wonder what he or she??? was thinking

” the smart one”( Selfie) acrylic on watercolour paper

8 x 10  + 1.5 ” mat 100.00 pay by payPal


The perfect gift

I talk about my paintings , I have “Small Art” I have “Large art” and the everything in between art.

In the range from $ 25.00 to around 2500.00

Have a look around in my store and the give me an email for further questions

Small art -” Water leaves”

oil on watercolour paper 4 x 4″

“Lord – its time”

acrylic on canvas – sides painted – the morning awakes

” 49 x 46″  1200.00


Variation on a theme

Octogenarian (plural octogenarians) … octogenarian (not comparable).

Being between the age of 80 and 89, inclusive. Of or relating to an octogenarian

Never mind all that, Octogenarians paint – what my visitor would call -childs play

 variation on theme #4 variation on a theme #1 variation on a theme#3variation on a theme #2

image 4 x 4″ mat 2,5″ black frame

prize: 195.00 can each pay with  PayPal

go beautiful, modern, go cool

Behind the mountain high

The title sounds as if it should be a song, painted with acrylic on watercolour paper
The sea, the mountain and the sun, a gush of wind creates a coloured reflection on the sea.
A small jewel, should be framed with love an expertise,
Size is 11 x 14” $ 125.00 can;

shipping in Canada is free,
For other information:

“Taming of the wild” Canadian painting

I don’t live by the Nordsee anymore but the West Coast in Canada does show the force of nature just at much.

With the painting “Taming of the wild” I wanted to paint an abstraction of the wild storm and the wind by the Nordsee, it is attacking the old wooden breakers; they are withstanding for so many years the endless pounding of wind and water eroding the beaches and trying to destroy the Island of Sylt.

 Taming of the wild,

size:23 x23″ Liquitex acrylic on gessoed cotton canvas – ready to hang

Inquire at

Water Song


“Water Song” liquitex acrylic on canvas Size:34 x 44″ art for sale
The quality and the feeling of a painting on canvas is not quite captured on a flat computer screen and I do not use glossy protective varnish only flat medium, but the colours are very close to the real painting
Full moon and all the stories around it.
It is the first full moon in 2017 and he (she, it) really shows of his coolness and the power over us on earth.
We arthritis sufferers getting a double whammy, the cold winter temperature and the full glare at night but then again the light through the windows means one does not have to turn the light on for the nightly walks around the house to get the stiffness out of the bones.
I look at the colourful reflection on the water or more in the water and wonder what it reveals deep down on the ocean floor. Does the moon keep the creatures from the dark zone awake as well, or if we would sit in a boat right now, could we see all the garbage we throw into the waters ,because we creatures above the waters are thinking the ocean is an endless pit for hiding our junk?
Not a good thought, so I better keep on walking and enjoy the Moonbeam in Mill Bay
Photo by Konrad S Rettich

2017, it has arrived

Soon or later one has to admit the year has landed. It came with a real grip of winter, I think we all did not expect that, but here it is Canadian landscape under snow and ice.

I have a very special photo from my son George Rettich to show to the world.

Porcupine River in the Kootenay

Ice with a lacy collar

I stay by the ocean and paint my first painting of the year in a large form

(just to beat the impact of the weather)


” Blue beyond blue”  35 x 65 ”  ready to hang  acrylic on hand stretched cotton canvas  art for sale 

The quality and the feeling of a painting on canvas is not quite captured on a flat computer screen and  I do not use glossy protective varnish only flat medium, but the colours are very close to the real painting