art therapy

Feeling sad; feeling overwhelmed , so I never listened much to Leonard Cohen, because he was a bit off mainstream and hard to listen to,  be honest –  but his passing came to a surprise never the less – he is no more  –  he is born in the same year as I am, so  – am I next? Had to go to my easel and do my thing – now I feel better – art therapy I guess that is one reason why we paint?????

“you want darker?”


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Canada buys art


As a German educated immigrant I was used to appreciating modern art , we always had some kind of art education in  school, I met many active artists on the Island of Sylt where I grew up, had to sit as a model in the dunes or by the dike – lots of fun.

Tourists bought bundles of paintings to take home as souvenir. just a way of life – Kunst gehoert zum Leben, (art and life is one)

after 60 years in Canada and half of that as a painter most of my modern – abstract art was sold to the US or Europe.

but hurrah – twice in one month the address is Canada! and both had the abstraction from music, how interesting.

Music to my ears

variation on a theme #1





The season is but a second

Season is but a second

the season is but a second  acrylic 12 x 16″

There is beauty and wealth in the smallest corner.

Saturday outing – just for a drive – shopping a bit – a growing plant of cilantro, a big pillow for comfort and  wild growing chanterelles for the soul, happy chicken eggs from a house somewhere in the country –

Wrap it all up with Kir (Champagne and cassis) {all local} and cream of chanterelle soup in Hudson’s on First in Duncan

Happy Saturday


” Happy” matted, 8 x 10″ on paper , acrylic

the world is full of surprises

I am so tired of trying to find a gallery to take on my art work, so I gave up and just connect to a few on-line sales outlet,  just to stay in the game. And there comes an email” YOU SOLD 4 PAINTINGS”  of course my first reaction is that is one of these many hoax I get continually, but no , it was for real,

a similar painting out of my music series:

music-to-my-ears-4-2Music to my ears #4

Tank you


Olympics are in full swing and every single artist is to be admired, I am – with somewhat of a procrastinating character, cannot imagine what every person goes through to get into the Olympics, day in and day out working with your body to get better, get higher or get faster . So I love to watch all the excitement,
But honestly give me a nicely stretched canvas and old little brush and I am in my element – Amen to that.

Title : The place I love ( sold)

think about it

We just moved to Vancouver Island this year, I am trying to get the feeling of the art scene here.
First try to participate in a show – I was rejected, well – I am used to that.
I was a bit puzzled about the questionnaire: “why do I think I should be selected to that particular art show,”
Before our move I had some success to make myself known and excepted as a modern abstract painter or at least advocating for the modern way of making art .
My second participation somewhere else went a little better, not many lookers so – but lots of talk.
I was told there is an artist on each street corner, (meaning I am just one of many, don’t get your knickers all in knots now.)
But where is the abstract, modern scene? – answer: well that does not sell!!!!
I do not make art alone to sell, I think art – painting, has to be as language, architecture and furniture make history of the time we live in, nobody builds houses like in the 1800 or nobody eats the foods like grandma use to cook, because of texting we change how we use words,shorten everything, so why should we paint like Gainsborough did?
Movies changed, technology changed, please  art has to go with the time, learn to accept the new and let the old be, how many landscapes can you put on your walls ?