Rusty Love and the Octopuses Garden

“The Vancouver Sun” brought an article about the huge rusty metal art and architectural use in the City, that made me very happy because…….. that is what I like.


the bear as guard dog by the entrance of our house


small and big bird meandering through the yard

On our property in the Kootenays we had a section of the acreage designated for my collection and called it Octopuses’ Garden.

(a large tree root decaying in the sun, did give it that name, it had the look of a many armed monster)

Visitors did a lot of head shaking while walking along the narrow pass but some stayed for a while sitting on one of the benches along the way to figure out what is so exiting about this reconstructed bicycle for instant or this strange metal recycled contraption on a pole.



ENTRANCE FOR OCTOPUSES GARDEN, summer and winter – sign painted by Kaslo artist

Friendship Blossom  made from old metal bed straps


gone shopping                                                           shapes of interest


totem – now                                                                                             and then


wildflowers on the property:   Bog orchid,    tiger lily,      yellow violet


Sunflower now                                                      and then

                        “Pan” now


Pan in  octopuses garden   summer and winter

Penstamon  wild flower


big bird –  garden clipper, shovel and rake                                  sun dial and bench  at ease

Sorry to say I had to leave most of it behind when it was time to move on.

Life is what it is