Paint and make art to fit the time

I wish this would be the head news for a change, so people would see that abstract art is nothing new.Wherever I go or whenever I talk art or show my paintings the art I paint, I get this look – Oh ja – sure – niece – and – that is not really art – every one could do that; but the trouble is art is not new and abstract art is done for generations and you know what, many admire the art from famous names but not yours – oh no.

So please do open your heart and see what is new in the art world,nobody things twice to get the newest technology in TV or heaven forbid should still stick to an old hand phone so where is the modern painting on your wall

spy game – air waves



Is bronze a color

Variation of bronze incorporated

Does it mean bronze “third” after silver –after gold?

I have a few clumps of Epimedium – Barrenwort  in my garden, leathery green leaves with bronze edges and the most gorgeous cream-yellow flowers on a bronze colored wiry stem, they get “first” prize in my spring garden for sure  a very quiet color amongst the dark earth and the bronze edged leaves


bronze in the color 5×7″

Bronze in colour

Early morning – bronze #4

15×11″ acrylic on archival paper

Interested? Collectors welcome, inquire