good morning, the fact

There is  and there will be ever so often a morning that appears to be perfect not only in sight but it feels so right.. So this morning on my way through my new garden around the house and to the blue side door to my studio – was such a morning, It felt so good –  so at ease with the world, so soft and so peaceful. It was a morning when booting up the computer was the last thing on my mind – how to put this gorgeous hour onto my canvas that finally won over the internet; lately promoting my art and reading the internet took priority, – not good at all –

So here is my feeling of a perfect morning in colour

Canadian art – EH A precious morning

this is a painting of feelings not the reality

Liquitex acrylic on hand stretched canvas 100% cotton

18 x 24″  art for sale inquire at


The perfect gift

I talk about my paintings , I have “Small Art” I have “Large art” and the everything in between art.

In the range from $ 25.00 to around 2500.00

Have a look around in my store and the give me an email for further questions

Small art -” Water leaves”

oil on watercolour paper 4 x 4″

“Lord – its time”

acrylic on canvas – sides painted – the morning awakes

” 49 x 46″  1200.00


My very own

acrylic on canvas,hand build support frame, 3 x gessoed, Polymer glaze

24 x 24″   price: can 600.00 – original only,

Deep blue – Sea on Fire

Composition with connecting elements

Political kite flyer

In a veil of folk the world remains

Day’s end

Rising above the unknown

The garden I grew

Family garden


Drama in the sky

Last few days of winter , the weather drama will continue but the world will have a friendlier feel, a warmer embrace, the colour of the sky and clouds will take on the feeling of a new season.

A huge painting 32 x 58″ ready to hang richly painted in acrylic on canvas

Der klang im Bild or Drama in spring, 


the power of colour

Walking along the shoreline to wrassle with some ideas.

A pull between the calm seascape and the mind of a beach walker, here it is in colour and motion.

Painted in acrylic on a 22 x 22″ wrapped around canvas,

Sometime one needs to show the metamorphics of a situation on your mind metamorphic

Variation on a theme

Octogenarian (plural octogenarians) … octogenarian (not comparable).

Being between the age of 80 and 89, inclusive. Of or relating to an octogenarian

Never mind all that, Octogenarians paint – what my visitor would call -childs play

 variation on theme #4 variation on a theme #1 variation on a theme#3variation on a theme #2

image 4 x 4″ mat 2,5″ black frame

prize: 195.00 can each pay with  PayPal

go beautiful, modern, go cool

Deep Sea

The ocean and the water is my calling, it gives me endless motives to paint.
Here I cross the Pacific Ocean from the Island to the Mainland I feel the huge masses of water moving beneath my feet, I used a blend of happy colours to bring out the beautiful experience
The quality and the feeling of a painting on canvas is not quite captured on a flat computer screen and I do not use glossy protective varnish only flat medium, but the

art for sale Size 14 x 18″ acrylic on canvas, ready to hang

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We should never say ” we do not get the real winters anymore” well here it is. Of course I did not finish my fall cleanup in the garden , it is always time to do it in early spring – well now the potted plants are no more.

Potted plant

Winter in Nunavut

Ice – winter

Art for sale 

The quality and the feeling of a painting on canvas is not quite captured on a flat computer screen and  I do not use glossy protective varnish only flat medium, but the colours are very close to the real painting

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