We should never say ” we do not get the real winters anymore” well here it is. Of course I did not finish my fall cleanup in the garden , it is always time to do it in early spring – well now the potted plants are no more.

Potted plant

Winter in Nunavut

Ice – winter

Art for sale 

The quality and the feeling of a painting on canvas is not quite captured on a flat computer screen and  I do not use glossy protective varnish only flat medium, but the colours are very close to the real painting

for more information on where to buy urettich@gmail.com or https://www.artailer.ca/users/my_account


Dream On

The dream in the sand I had a dream I wrote him in the sand. I told the wind of my dream but the wind brought the sea to the beach, where my dream was written. The sea accompanied by the wind did not see what was written in the sand because the sea took his hand with the dream which was written in the sand. I wasn’t scared when the sea was back in its cradle because I wrote my dream in the sand again.

Antonio Quattroventisummerwind

Canada buys art


As a German educated immigrant I was used to appreciating modern art , we always had some kind of art education in  school, I met many active artists on the Island of Sylt where I grew up, had to sit as a model in the dunes or by the dike – lots of fun.

Tourists bought bundles of paintings to take home as souvenir. just a way of life – Kunst gehoert zum Leben, (art and life is one)

after 60 years in Canada and half of that as a painter most of my modern – abstract art was sold to the US or Europe.

but hurrah – twice in one month the address is Canada! and both had the abstraction from music, how interesting.

Music to my ears

variation on a theme #1





Knock Knock

who is there?

I am the flicker

So – what do you have to bicker ?

A flicker makes himself known to his mate by knocking on anything that echos the sound,if it means to tear up a cedar shingle roof ,so be it , he is in need of companionship. (aren’t we all?)

It can be a bit of a nuisance but he is so beautiful to look at


available here

The season is but a second

Season is but a second

the season is but a second  acrylic 12 x 16″

There is beauty and wealth in the smallest corner.

Saturday outing – just for a drive – shopping a bit – a growing plant of cilantro, a big pillow for comfort and  wild growing chanterelles for the soul, happy chicken eggs from a house somewhere in the country –

Wrap it all up with Kir (Champagne and cassis) {all local} and cream of chanterelle soup in Hudson’s on First in Duncan

Happy Saturday


” Happy” matted, 8 x 10″ on paper , acrylic

I guess we did not make it


30 years of drowning , 30 years of flying, 30 years of swimming  but as a good friend puts it  in his old re- recorded music from the 60th – we did not make it!!!!!!

Nothing to do with being good- just did not make it.

Drowning out

Flying lessing

Don’t worry – be happy



4:30 in the morning

alpinemeadow green field with snow

snow on green meadow

4:30 in the morning
I figured it out why abstract art seems to many people children’s work, it is true after all the training and trying to paint perfect ,we as artists very often look for the simpler stroke, the loose brushstrokes, unstructured idea, make the colours speak, of course all that comes to a child totally normal without thinking, – hey spread it round – today It likes purple ,tomorrow is red and why not mess about with my hands , niece and squishy, people pay big bucks for child’s play, because they think and hope in a few years what the little kid genius did make it to stardom and then they have an early piece from child prodigy, whoopy do
Back to us frustrating old painters, trying to free us from all the baggage we carry and want to paint with emotion and all that stuff, and out comes child’s play, – back to where we started at least so it seems, the only different is that us oldies or young once know about colour series and brush strokes, and that will get us nowhere
Just saying.

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I put my sign out, so it is now or never, art for sale direct from the artist,

new modern abstract and I am the now generation.

art – painting only for the now generation ,

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