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A painting , a real painting on your wall makes an impact in your life. It is a living object, something that will  speak to you and will be with you where ever you go. It is a part of every day life  and you will remember .

Good art does not have to cost much, we are all influenced by the price of old masters and fancy galleries. do not think if it did not cost much – it can not be good.

Most important is that one likes the work and is not afraid to embrace modern art.

The older style of art was once new as well and shocking to the critic, so just because one can not say – it is a “Picasso” does not mean the painting is not good, not all Picasso art is good just because some one says so.

Happy first spring day

Happy second spring day

Happy spring flowers 

image : 4,5 x 4,5″  with big 3″ natural coloured mat ( acid free watercolour paper and mat)

A beautiful pair , inquire for price { it is available also with black metal frame}


see it my way

My art is abstract because feelings, dreams, and illusions do not have
forms or boundaries.
There is nothing more exciting than an empty canvas and the need to use it
I like to give colour a certain independence and liberty in my work. I see a picture, say – a landscape – I connect it with my inner emotional space to establish color and shape in my mind but the base of my vision is still the landscape.
What I commit to canvas is an effort to capture both the external picture
and my internal response through colour and shape but also to think new, not been done before and push art in new directions.

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Epiphyllum2 Epiphyllum4

Epiphyllum3 Epiphyllum1

statement ,

Can you believe it, I have not painted a new painting for about 4 month now, moving von Abbotsford BC to Vancouver Island, finding a likeable house took all the energy I had and probably something else as well, the inspiration, urge, the wonder of discovery, the ( der innere Drang) the nerve to relax or the opposite the tension to create.
But I am getting there, tomorrow comes a landscaper to help me set the garden in to a “no lawn ‘ property, it sure is strange how my painting is connected with a garden , somehow the unfinished totally neglect garden around the house is stopping me from doing anything else.. we people are complicated creature.

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Just saying — Cowichen Valley

I know all about the good wine stuff in the Valley but do they know about my good wine paintings – coming to Mill Bay in April

on old stock on old stockbeso de vino ( kiss of wine)beso de vinoa fruity charactera fruity characterpinotgris2pinot grismeritage2


burst into berry2burst into berries


small G 33 small G2 1My mind is totally out of whack, no – I am not really homeless, we have a wonderful place to stay; living with one of our sons and his wife — but—- no easel to go to, no old familiar things to do and only 2 pairs of shoes, went to Opus to buy some art supply , made a miniature art gallery out of a plastic tub but my mind is stuck – stuck in the wrong direction, talking about writer’s block, this is total brain block.
Never thought finding a house for us and my art in Sidney or Victoria is such an ordeal, not everyone on this earth is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, ( to afford a Million $ house) I have some silver rings to show – guess that does not count

die Hoffnung (hopeful ) Hopegoing for a walk going for a walkthe son the sonunlocked mindunlocked



Valentine’s day, the lovey,dovey day

Valentine, Oh Valentino, Oh “When the Saints are marching in” Oh Saint Valentine

Romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling in the context of romantic love relationships.

(I quote) romance usually implies an expression of one’s strong romantic love, or one’s deep and strong emotional desires to connect with another person romantically.

Historically, the term “romance “originates with the medieval ideal of chivalry. Humans have a natural inclination to form bonds with one another through social interactions, be it through verbal communication or gestures. Like giving flowers – painted flowers! ( click)

An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two that may range in duration from brief to enduring.

with black vase

with black vase

with blue vase

with blue vase


BEFORE I DIE or Watch out

A year to stand up and be counted for
Rethink age! – Never ever say to me “Oh you are already 80 and still painting” – insult-
When will we change our ways – we have to accept that soon there will be more old people then young . Only a few of them will just lay down and die. We are here to stay and want to be respected as artists not just old artists. We are smoothing the future for the next generation with even more stamina to be active, watch out!!!
Aging woman are very competitive and better artists, watch out!!
Experience, frustration and endurance makes us good. Watch out!!
Once there was only ONE “Grandma Moses” now we are many – so do not ignore that, watch out!!
Love to write all this down at the dawn on my next move into new adventure with my loving husband for – a long, long time. Watch out.

before I die 

Title:Before I die

one site of the tree is wilting but watch out for the other side it has still some green left.

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The Voice


The voice

12 x 16″ with 2″ acid free mat

please send inquiry to urettich@gmail.com

We all have to go soon or later with a loved one to the emergency and watch the heart monitor doing its work, up and down and down and up, zigging along , a scary site because we know when this thing is starting to relax and going in a straight line – it is over,.

So what I did –  I started to think about my work, painting how could I put this on canvas , so it does not look so scary, and here is what I came up with,

It is amazing how art( in my case painting )can  lead you into a more relaxed mood.

- air waves

“Air Waves”  – SOLD


Master of his voice

master of his voice - painting of a steller's jay
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The Steller’s Jay

I am into birds, really, have a break from total abstract but I like the portraits – “the selfies”

Painted on a wild abstract under-painting with top acrylic paint and wrapped around – painted on the sides –  canvas

Size 22 x 17″ ready to hang or frame it the way you like it

$200 – Purchase on Etsy!