half a yard of rocks or Life naturally

Fathersday! come and gone – Lot of Fathers in this world in all shapes and sizes. and then there are the Great Grand fathers. are they still celebrate Fathersday?

Well we did; thanks to the kids ( fathers of kids and grand fathers them self)

so what do you do with a father who does not need much stuff any more.  – A half a yard of rocks and some bushes to go with it, that is what,, a lunch goes to along with that and the happiness is complete.

Now he is off to another year and maybe another Fathersday; thanks you all and enjoy your life!

the bass clef design :

rock design1jpghouse by the sea#2

house by the sea


Roses, carnations, daisies painting still life abstract

to all my followers – mothers or not, I wish you all a perfect Sunday

I had my morning  breaki served with candle light and music,

then I had a few hours in the garden (working) loved it, talked to my sons? and now I will have my brunch , second load of coffee ,mainly.

So happy Sunday notes #2

10 bird-song2


Hallo and I have a studio again. It is even better than my previous place – it is a show room as well.
I can walk to the ocean’s edge, see the boats cruising by and smell the sea air.
My garden has still to get a big,big facelift, no more grass no more wasting water on lawns I have an idea but not quite sure yet if it will all works out – but my studio is open for business just come and visit “SEATOCANVAS” at

530 Noowick Road in beautiful Mill Bay.   side entrance

studio 3 studio2

studio 1

sundeck 2

Just saying — Cowichen Valley

I know all about the good wine stuff in the Valley but do they know about my good wine paintings – coming to Mill Bay in April

on old stock on old stockbeso de vino ( kiss of wine)beso de vinoa fruity charactera fruity characterpinotgris2pinot grismeritage2


burst into berry2burst into berries

Valentine’s day, the lovey,dovey day

Valentine, Oh Valentino, Oh “When the Saints are marching in” Oh Saint Valentine

Romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling in the context of romantic love relationships.

(I quote) romance usually implies an expression of one’s strong romantic love, or one’s deep and strong emotional desires to connect with another person romantically.

Historically, the term “romance “originates with the medieval ideal of chivalry. Humans have a natural inclination to form bonds with one another through social interactions, be it through verbal communication or gestures. Like giving flowers – painted flowers! ( click)

An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two that may range in duration from brief to enduring.

with black vase

with black vase

with blue vase

with blue vase


Learning never ends

of citroen and gooseberries

Citroen and gooseberries

Learning never ends but then some people – like me – start far too late

And I find that my artsy – fartsy ideas not very much new

My series about the colour of the taste of wine – someone had the similar idea

Putting music into colour, well – well I am 150 years too late. Adolf Hoelzel (Bauhaus) but the colour into notes, every colour had a sound and out comes a whole melody.

But I love what I am doing and I hope I can convince a few more people  – abstract is beautiful

. of citron and gooseberry

the taste of wine


acrylic on watercolour paper with large mat ready to be framed

11 x 13.5




A summer so hot ( on colours) there is no way I walk by without taking it in side to my studio

early popyEARLY POPPY

ccalefornia popy CALIFORNIA POPPY

roses to giveROSES TO GIVE



I was thinking about our Women  soccer team – Canada my elected home Country -about the beauty of the Country

and here it is :

Summer on the PrairiesSummer in the Prairies

Autumn in Gatineau ParkFall in Gatineau Park

winter1Winter in Newfoundland

springSpring in the MaritimesSpring at the Pacific Ocean

it is easy – ganz einfach

June 21

Any Father would like this

A gift certificate with a personal choice of an abstract exiting 16 x 12 painting

on canvas – acrylic – modern and exiting
 50 % off    click on PayPal to pay, in very short time you have the certificate to give on Dad`s big day.

here are the choices

order by number ,

the certificate has to be used by September 15, 2015

ring of fire

1  ring of fire

the Neighborhood   birds

2  neighbourhood birds 

the key to your furtune

3 the key to your future

acrylic on canvas 14 by 18