In ” Sunday’s Best”

selfie – birdie – thrush__i

Having fun with colours. Looking out of my studio window and watching the thrushes peeking out from under the shady hedge. when the light hits the orange under their throat , it is just so beautiful.

acrylic on canvas 24 x 24″  ready to hang

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My very own

acrylic on canvas,hand build support frame, 3 x gessoed, Polymer glaze

24 x 24″   price: can 600.00 – original only,

Deep blue – Sea on Fire

Composition with connecting elements

Political kite flyer

In a veil of folk the world remains

Day’s end

Rising above the unknown

The garden I grew

Family garden


Drama in the sky

Last few days of winter , the weather drama will continue but the world will have a friendlier feel, a warmer embrace, the colour of the sky and clouds will take on the feeling of a new season.

A huge painting 32 x 58″ ready to hang richly painted in acrylic on canvas

Der klang im Bild or Drama in spring, 


Variation on a theme

Octogenarian (plural octogenarians) … octogenarian (not comparable).

Being between the age of 80 and 89, inclusive. Of or relating to an octogenarian

Never mind all that, Octogenarians paint – what my visitor would call -childs play

 variation on theme #4 variation on a theme #1 variation on a theme#3variation on a theme #2

image 4 x 4″ mat 2,5″ black frame

prize: 195.00 can each pay with  PayPal

go beautiful, modern, go cool

half a yard of rocks or Life naturally

Fathersday! come and gone – Lot of Fathers in this world in all shapes and sizes. and then there are the Great Grand fathers. are they still celebrate Fathersday?

Well we did; thanks to the kids ( fathers of kids and grand fathers them self)

so what do you do with a father who does not need much stuff any more.  – A half a yard of rocks and some bushes to go with it, that is what,, a lunch goes to along with that and the happiness is complete.

Now he is off to another year and maybe another Fathersday; thanks you all and enjoy your life!



house by the sea


to all my followers – mothers or not, I wish you all a perfect Sunday

I had my morning  breaki served with candle light and music,

then I had a few hours in the garden (working) loved it, talked to my sons? and now I will have my brunch , second load of coffee ,mainly.

So happy Sunday





Hello and I have a studio again. It is even better than my previous place – it is a showroom as well.
I can walk to the ocean’s edge, see the boats cruising by and smell the sea .
My garden has still to get a big,big facelift, no more grass no more wasting water on lawns; I have an idea but not quite sure yet if it will all work out – but my studio is open for business just come and visit “SEATOCANVAS” at

530 Noowick Road in beautiful Mill Bay.   side entrance blue door

   light across the bay