Who dictates?

Who dictates?

There is no end in our art history that critics and public alike reject art.( We like to feel the power of lording,{ I guess} over something we don’t know much about) Why do artists have to go through so much hardship, they do what they do best and still people enjoy to criticise art as much as- say – politics, more than any other profession. I am just rereading my book on “Edward Munch”, most of us only know the famous painting: “The Scream” He had a reason to paint like that, he was a troubled man but that does not mean he is or was not a very amazing painter, I like someone who looks forward, is innovating and is not a copier. But my favorites are his work of his sister Inger. How frustrating and sad it must have been for a man who wanted to bring something new and fresh but for many years all he did get was rejections.


fabric/applique    satin and silk ( by me)

fabric/appliqué    satin and silk



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