With a swift beat of the wings


georges braque

My favourite paintings always have been his bird paintings, (1950 – 1960), the simplicity of it and still so complicated  in the process of development (Im Werden).

The way I understand his development of a painting is that he studied and sketched everything he wanted to paint and just to pull and dissect it all to nothing in order to start from the beginning.

I like that because I understand the way that works; only I keep the colors while Braque thinks shapes (I guess).

What surprises me so is what was written under his painting “Le Jour”, the writer in my book quotes Braque “If a painting does not disquiet – then what is it”.

He keeps on explaining the painting – “Le Jour” has a slightly nervy feel to it, the uneasiness emanates from the discordant relationship between yellow – green, burned ochre – yellow or violet – grey. The only uneasiness I detected is that large knife on the edge of the table.

But then we don’t have to agree with everything we read.

But we are always learning and there is still so much to be learned and so little time.

The empty nest by UR  1996


wish I had wings  1996

I still worked in fabric as well and made some ” WING” pieces


white raven (after I saw my first real white raven on Haida Gwai)

raven on oak  2000

white bird  2003

with swift wing beat 2012

My birds from 1996 to 2012



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    1. I have a big blue stellars jay on an orange/yellow background, and I have the one showing the powerline accident with the white raven.

  1. I don’t really love his style, but I do love your birds! And the last one is my favorite. It’s always so nice to learn about a new artist, designer, etc. It helps to appreciate the creative range that is out there. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. I know, the style of Fauvist/Cubist is not everyone’s cup of tea – I like to learn always more about them because they seam to have done a lot of planing before they put things on canvas – more thinking, more personal new design not just copying,
    well – maybe you are a bit more – – – etc. when you see my birds???? there are hardly any birds visible and sure abstract in completion. U.

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